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About DANKE Trademark

DANKE is a trademark of Technoplastic — Ukrainian manufacturing company. This is a steadily growing company which has gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer in the market of building and finishing materials.


Danke Elesgo

The result of the introduction of innovative solutions and the use of high-quality imported materials from Danke trademark is plastic windowsills with a glossy acrylic coating that satisfy all the requirements of the modern consumer.

Products are sold through a dealer network covering the whole territory of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. . Wherever you are you can take advantage of attractive, practical and reliable Danke new generation windowsills.

Production of PVC windowsills

Far from every windowsill manufacturer today can offer a number of practical advantages that have PVC windowsills from Danke.

PVC windowsills are produced using high-tech equipment (manufactured in Germany), and domestic professionals provide careful control of parameters and product quality at all stages of production.

Windowsills have special, unique, patented design that provides increased durability of the windowsill at its low weight. In addition to durability, this design protects windowsill from the material shrinkage, which is a common problem of PVC products.

Windowsill stool is covered with Elesgo laminate — a unique development of the German company DTS Systemoberflaechen GmbH, which has no analogues in the world. Laminate with fully glossy surface and the name of development itself is already consistently associated with gloss by the consumers. Elesgo has the highest level of strength.

Danke windowsills have a strong lead among products of other types: their quality is better than of the windowsills coated with PVC film and CPL-coated; they are better than the windowsills based on chipboard, wood-plastic composites and even than the windowsills made of natural materials, such as wood and stone.

We are also open to cooperation and development of partnership relations.
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Attention! Please read the Operating Rules for DANKE TM windowsills and warranty conditions.