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8 reasons to choose a quality windowsill

So usual that we do not notice it up to a certain time…

So imperceptible that we don't even think about it until we throw the curtains open …

So comfortable that we can not imagine our house without it…

Windowsill plays an important role in the interior, and therefore it should be of high quality.


Warmth of your home
Thanks to the windowsill a layer of air is formed at the window. And this is very important for heat conservation. As an engineering element of the window system, windowsill adjusts heat exchange, i.e. does not allow cold air to penetrate into the room, and warm air, on the contrary, to leave it.

Useful area
Windowsill can be a sofa, a desk, a shelf for books and even a countertop with integrated sink … A little bit of imagination, ingenuity and engineering thinking and with the help of window accessory you can significantly extend the useful area of a small-sized apartment and add individuality to the interior.

Aesthetics and harmony of space
Windowsill makes it possible to visually conceal the difference between the thickness of the window frame and the wall, and to close the top of the window niche where the radiator is installed. It provides a smooth transition from the inner space to the outside. Without windowsill the window will have unfinished look. That is why to such a seemingly insignificant for the layman detail is paid special attention by architects and designers.


Reliable support
Windowsill greatly facilitates for the housewives the process of washing windows and hanging curtains. Of course, if it is of high quality and installed properly. When choosing a windowsill, please remember: it must be durable and withstand the weight of an adult person.

Style and beauty
Window's appearance is often defined by such an ordinary accessory as a windowsill. It may become a neutral continuation of the window, and may turn into a contrasting accent of the original interior. In any case, a high-quality beautiful windowsill emphasizes the sense of taste and status of the house owners.

Green warmhouse
On the windowsill you can create your own little blossoming oasis in the bustling city. It can be used a platform for growing seedlings in spring, become a year-round mini-vegetable garden for the greens or just gladden the eye by multicolored houseplants.

Favorite place for meditation and dreams
Where your purring pet sits most often? Where tries to climb a curious toddler, who is just beginning to explore the world? Where you love to sit while enjoying fresh coffee and thinking about the day to come, or the past? Of course, it is a windowsill! It has amazing power of attraction for all who want to stay alone with oneself, to make a decision or just to dream.

We all care about our own appearance! We carefully choose the shoes, bags, belts, watches, remembering that beautiful accessories can beautify and add a special style to the image. When it comes to the interior design of our apartment or house, we also critically examine the current trends, after a while we begin to understand the intricacies of construction and repair works, easily answer the question of how the Turkish window profile differs from the Chinese one, and why we should choose a German one … And we often forget that the hallmark of our home will be a windowsill!

When purchasing a window do not save on the windowsill! Comfort, warmth and beauty of your home are much more valuable.

Exhibition of memorable trinkets
Candles, souvenirs and stylish interior knick-knacks beautifully placed on a windowsill give a character to the space and create its atmosphere. They enliven the room, tell eloquently about its owner, and fill it with a homey feel.