Dear Customers!

Technoplastic LLC the manufacturer of DANKE TM windowsills expresses appreciation to you for your choice! You have purchased a high-quality product – plastic windowsill with a glossy acrylic coating and excellent consumer properties.

Technoplastic LLC provides a warranty for DANKE TM windowsill for a period of 10 years from the date of its installation provided the rules of installation and operation of the product are observed.

However, having regard to the European quality and reliability of DANKE windowsills, their actual useful life can greatly exceed the warranty period.

Before installing a window sill, please read the following installation rules:


Installation Rules

1. Dimensions of the sill should be determined by the installer, concidering the amount of thermal effects on the elements of the window construction, according to the coefficients of thermal expansion of the individual elements.Before installing a windowsill prepare a place for it by cleaning the space in accordance with the size of the windowsill and leaving a margin of about 20 mm for spray foam insulation.

2. Attach to the windowsill special caps, which are included, and move it under the window.

3. The windowsill must tightly and hermetically abut upon the window frame. It should be mounted on the supporting bearing pads. Further fixing can be provided from the side of the stand profile using fixing clamps. They should be selected based on the thickness of the windowsill installed and the profile system used. (see Fig. 1) 

The recommended distance between the clamps is up to 500 mm, the indents from the edge of the windowsill should not exceed 250 mm. Screws and self-tapping screws are used after pre-drilling only.

4. The recommended distance from heating appliances (radiators) is 100 mm. Windowsill must have a slope of 4 to 5 mm on the level, to the side and angle opposite to the window to enable the moisture dripping towards the radiator.

5. Grooves on the lower side of the windowsill allow it to be mounted on a cement bed or foam bed. When using foam it is required to provide a vapor sealing of joints around the entire perimeter of the windowsill. 

                                Fig. a) on the foam                                                                                                     Fig. b) on the supporting pads

6. Maximum allowable free overhang of the windowsill is 300 mm. However, when overhang is more than 100 mm the bearing angles must be installed in increments of no less than 500 mm. Indents from the edge of the windowsill shall not exceed 250 mm. Please remember that such an installation may lead to a breach of the conditions of warm air movement and trigger the condensate formation on the inside surface of the glazing.

7. Maximum length of one windowsill to be installed is 3000 mm. If it is necessary to connect two windowsills an expansion gap of 4 to 5 mm must be provided between them.



In order that DANKE TM windowsills reliably serve you for many years and have decent appearance,
we strongly recommend to carefully read and observe the following Operating rules. 


Operating Rules for DANKE TM windowsills

1. DANKE TM windowsills are designed for indoor use only at a temperature not exceeding 60 °C and humidity not exceeding 75%.

2. During operation do not expose the windowsill to shocks.

3. Do not apply piercing and cutting items to the windowsill surface.

4. Do not place heating appliances on the windowsill.

5. Do not allow the formation of condensed moisture on the glass of the window opening and containers with water (coolers, glass bottles, etc.), if they are placed on the windowsill. Water flowing down on the windowsill for some time can cause point bulging of the surface.

6. Do not place flower pots made ​​of clay having a porous structure directly on the windowsill. Use plates or saucers with glazed surface.

7. Do not use detergents containing abrasive particles to clean the windowsill.

8. Avoid prolonged exposure of the windowsill to direct sunlight. Typical glass inhibits ultraviolet. However, if the window is wide open for a long time, direct ultraviolet radiation can lead to discoloration and loss of integrity of the windowsill coating.


Terms and Conditions of the Warranty:

1. The warranty of Technoplastic LLC as the manufacturer of DANKE TM windowsills covers a replacement of the product or reimbursement of the product value, which has been recognized to be defective, and its defects occurred due to a fault of the manufacturer. 

2. For the purpose of implementation of the warranty an authorized representative of the manufacturer must be provided with an opportunity to inspect the product directly on the installation site.

3. In cases recognized by the manufacturer as warranty event Technoplastic LLC shall provide a new windowsill free of charge and of similar decor and size, or reimburse its cost, provided that the amount of such reimbursement does not exceed the original cost of the windowsill.        


This warranty shall not be valid in the following cases:

  • non-compliance with the Installation Rules and Operating Rules for DANKE TM windowsills, as well as intentional and negligent actions of the buyer or third parties,
  • negligent use of the product, which has led to mechanical damage or loss of structural integrity;
  • expiration of the warranty period.
  • if the windowsill has been dismounted prior to its inspection by the manufacturer's representative.


Dear Customers! If you have questions or problems related to the operation of DANKE TM windowsills, please contact us via e-mail: news@danke.com.ua