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DANKE windowsill production technology

DANKE windowsill is an innovative product with high consumer properties, which was created as a result of scientific cooperation and collaboration of Ukrainian and European professionals.

The original patented design of windowsill stool was developed with the participation of specialists from Germany. The alternating vertical and inclined ribs increase resistance to deformation when exposed to both bending and compression.

Proven production technology allows creating a perfectly smooth stool.

Unlike most PVC products there are no ties from stiffening ribs on DANKE windowsill surface. This is one of the main conditions for the application of glossy coating. The coating itself is a unique acrylic laminate ELESGO HS GLANZ, an innovation of German company DTS Systemoberflaechen GmbH. Polyacrylates used in the composition contain no solvents or formaldehyde. In terms of environmental impact and energy efficiency of production, DTS technology is unmatched.

The structure of ELESGO HS GLANZ material is similar to the "multi-layered cake". It is based on paper impregnated with transparent acrylic. At different stages of production under the influence of electron-beam the layers are pressed together and harden. In this way a closed surface structure is created. It is distinguished by excellent resistance to high temperatures (such as a burning cigarette ash), moisture and chemicals. Hardened polyacrylate is not sensitive to light and sun rays. 

Moreover, by using polyacrylates a transfer of smallest color nuances of decors is possible. Additional advantage is tactile sensation. Due to a low thermal conductivity of polyacrylates ELESGO surfaces are warm and velvety by touch.